Speed2Profits is an update of the training from Scott Hallman available through the Small Business Growth Club.

I am a big fan of the SBGC but I haven’t yet had the opportunity to look at Speed2Profits. While this page has information about the program, for an independent, objective opinion of Scott’s ideas, I recommend that you read my Small Business Growth Club Review. I expect this new training to cure some of the things I identified as wrong.

Scott Hallman and Speed2Profits

This is a 12 month business improvement and training program which is split into two phases:

  1. Rapid Acceleration – what Scott calls the Drag Race phase. The aim in the first three months is to cherry pick the quickest and easiest ways to increase sales revenue, profit and cash flow.
    Making early tangible gains will increase your confidence and commitment to changing your business dramatically.
  2. Methodical, Systematic Improvement – what Scott calls the Indy 500 phase. Over the following 9 months, everything in your business will be reviewed, challenged and potentially improved to improve its effectiveness (producing the right results) and efficiency (doing it at low cost with minimal errors and rework).

I haven’t seen a launch date for Speed2Profits so if you’re in a hurry, I recommend that you start learning Scott’s techniques by joining the Small Business Growth Club.


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