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I review the business growth training available from the Small Business Growth Club featuring the ideas of Scott Hallman.

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Who Is Scott Hallman?

Scott is a successful entrepreneur turned business coach, trainer and speaker.

As an entrepreneur, Scott Hallman’s companies have twice been named in the Inc. Magazine’s “Inc. 500″ list of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America (#59 and #106).

He also built an IT Consulting company from $0 to $85M in just 21 months (with his co-founder) that was once valued at around $1 Billion.

Scott’s special emphasis is on implementation. Many business experts will tell you what you need to do, Scott tells you in step by step detail how to do it.

He’s rarely risen beyond the “best kept secret” list but he has shared the stage as a speaker with well known experts like Jay Abraham, Jay Conrad Levinson and Chet Holmes.

In recent years Scott has been the founder and CEO of BGD inc (it used to be called Business Growth Dynamics if you’re wondering what the letters stand for).

Who Is The Small Business Growth Club For?

I recommend it to ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs with businesses that trade mainly offline.

What Makes The Small Profit Growth Club So Special?

  1. Too often training is designed, developed and sold on the basis that more is better than less. That’s not true from the average users perspective because we are all short of time. Scott doesn’t waste time with his concise presentations stacked to the brims with valuable information. If you’re a note taker, you won’t reduce the transcripts by much.
  2. The emphasis is on how to implement. Strangely this is often missed from business training that tells you a lot about what and why but avoids the how issue. When you’re working on your own trying to do something new, you need guidance on the how because you don’t have anyone to guide you.
  3. It comes in two different versions – gold and platinum – that let’s you gain access to different elements of the training depending on your budget. You can either pay the annual fee or the monthly fee and gain access for as long as you need.
  4. There are three profit streams
    1) – Get more growth – for business owners who want to attract more customers and clients.
    2) – Get more profits – for business owners who want to earn more profit from existing customers and don’t need to improve their lead generation and conversion techniques.
    3) – Get more control – for business owners who want to make their business more predictable and consistent whilst reducing their time working in the business.
    The first two are available to gold members while platinum membership gives you access to all three.
  5. The main training is available to listen to or to read. I find that sometimes I find it better to listen but other times I prefer to read.
  6. This is my go-to refresher training. I have a vast resource library of training programs but this is the one I make sure is on each mp3 player.

What I Don’t Like About It

  1. You must work through the training and take action to get the benefits. The is the big drawback of all training. Your payback depends on you being sufficiently self-motivated to do the work. This is the #1 reason why business owners waste money by buying training. Working with a coach will hold you accountable at each meeting (and sometimes in-between) but you’re left on your own with training.
  2. It doesn’t have a resource library. The Profit Before You Pay training I recommend includes done for you advertising for plenty of different types of businesses and plenty of examples of the recommended techniques.
  3. You might not like the style of presentations. People have very personal tastes and just as we like different musicians and comedians, we can like or dislike different speakers. I love the intensity of the main training but some may want longer, less intense sessions.
  4. It’s getting old. It pays little attention to the Internet as a marketing medium and it was developed before video training became so popular. Personally I get frustrated with videos but many people like the audio visual stimulation. Scott has a new product Speed2Profits about to be launched.
  5. The website is poorly designed. This is frustrating as a buyer and user. It’s changed over the years but it’s still frustrating. Hopefully Speed2Profits will be much better.
  6. It is quite expensive. I used to describe this as the best bargain on the Internet for business owners but the price has increased significantly since I first joined.
  7. There’s little reason to continue membership. I was a member for three or four years but I received the vast proportion of value from the first year. Unlike other membership sites, there hasn’t been a continual feed of new information. This may have changed over the last couple of years but I stopped when serious illness forced my income to reduce sharply.

My Overall Conclusion About The Small Business Growth Club

It is not perfect but it is the business training that I’d be most reluctant to give up. In fact I can’t imagine not having access to the main sessions in one form or another.

I love it’s concise focus on all the important issues of running an offline business and the emphasis on effective implementation and then rolling out winning ideas.

Scott Hallman should be much better known. The fact that he isn’t (yet) gives you the opportunity to steal an advantage over your competitors.

I haven’t seen his new training Speed2Profits so I’m not clear how the two will overlaps and the different price points. That makes it hard to recommend one over the other but

How To Join

You need to click over to the website and then decide which version you want and whether you want to pay annually or monthly.

>>> Click over to the Small Business Growth Club (affiliate link)

I was originally a Gold member and then upgraded in my second year to Platinum.

If I was starting again, I’d go for the Platinum Monthly option because it gives me the chance to gain access to everything and download the mp3s.

How To Cancel Your Membership Of The Small Business Growth Club

It may seem strange to talk about cancelling your membership before you’ve joined but I know from my own experience that I am concerned about how easy it is to get out of a commitment before I make it in the first place.

There is a contact form on the website but the contact information is currently:


Phone: 1-800-409-6626

Fax: 847-557-1227

BGD, Inc.
26570 Apple Tree Lane
Barrington, IL 60010

I’ve found Scott to be very fair in my dealings with him and I don’t expect you to have any problems. However, in the unlikely event of you not receiving a response from their customer service people, if you are one of my affiliates, I will get involved on your behalf if you want to cancel but can’t.

So go ahead if you’re tempted, give it a try.

>>> Click over to the Small Business Growth Club (affiliate link)

I Am An Affiliate And Will Earn A Commission If You Buy

Throughout this website, I’ve tried to make it very clear that I am an affiliate.

If you click on my link and then join and keep paying, I will earn a commission.

This doesn’t affect how much you pay if you were to go direct. I see the commission as the equivalent of the margin retailers make on selling their products.

Some people may see my recommendation as biased because I profit.

That’s true of anyone who does any selling and is common amongst those who make recommendations and referrals. Often the financial incentive isn’t made as explicit as I make it but I believe that it’s best practice to make you aware of what is happening.

It’s in my interest to gain your trust because I usually want you to buy more than one training product.

If you put the ideas contained in the Small Business Growth Club into practice in your business, you either:

a) won’t need any other training; or

b) will be making so much money that you won’t worry about an extra couple of subscriptions to cover the Internet marketing side of things.

>>> Click over to the Small Business Growth Club (affiliate link)

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