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On this page I will look at the Founders Club from Rich Schefren and his company Strategic Profits and explain why I believe that this is one of the most important training programs an Internet entrepreneur can join.

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Who Is Rich Schefren?

Rich has developed the reputation as the “guru to the Internet marketing gurus” because of his role coaching many of the leading Internet advisers with his Business Growth Coaching System.

He made his name in the wider Internet marketing community with a series of outstanding free reports that helped people to realise how they were stopping their own success.

The first and most famous is…

>>> The Internet Business Manifesto (affiliate link to a free report)

In particular, he has identified the difference between strategically building a business and being an opportunity seeker, jumping from one idea to another before making any significant progress.

He has also advocated working to your own particular strengths instead of focusing on trying to solve weaknesses and for identifying and resolving the small number of constraints that are holding your business back.

While he made his name online by working with entrepreneurs, the giant companies like Microsoft, Google and Yahoo have also become his clients to gain his insight into future changes.

What Makes The Founders Club So Good?

  1. It focuses on the mindset of the entrepreneur and what he or she needs to be doing to drive the business forward. So much of the Internet training available is tactical, updating you on new techniques and how to improve your results using well known techniques. The Founders Club is very different as it is packed with the big ideas that will help your business develop.
  2. It has a nice volume of new ideas. Not too much and not too little. Every two or three months there is a clients only long report that goes deeply into anew idea and each week there is a recorded Founders briefing as Rich shares ideas.
  3. It’s not hyped. Rich has never pushed his Founders Club offer through his guru friends and their email lists. It therefore remains a little known secret that gives its members thought leadership.
  4. It takes a contrarian approach, challenging conventional ideas. You’re not going to get rehashed ideas that you see everywhere else. True success comes from doing things differently from what everyone else is doing.
  5. As well as new updates, you’ll receive three of his past private client briefings:
    Your Business Blueprint – how you design a business for success (you can find out more on one of my other blogs where I have a review of Your Business Blueprint)
    The Hidden Obstacles To Your Success – the false beliefs and flawed thinking that stops people like you from getting the success they want. (again I have reviewed this report)
    Beyond Traffic – a great example of Rich’s contrarian thinking that will stop you chasing traffic volumes.
    These are both guides and workbooks and I urge you to do the exercises to help you to think more clearly about your business. If you do, I think you will be astonished at the insights you will gain about why your past efforts haven’t produced the results you wanted.
  6. It’s a gateway to the Business Growth System. This is Rich Schefren’s premium coaching program. As well as the excellent training, Rich runs a weekly Q&A so members have the chance to get on the phone and ask him about anything to do with their Internet business.

What I Don’t Like About It

I believe that a review has to fairly present the good and the bad so here are the reasons why this training might not be suitable for you.

  1. You must work through the training and take action to get the benefits. The is the big drawback of all training. Your payback depends on you being sufficiently self-motivated to do the work. This is the #1 reason why business owners waste money by buying training. Working with a coach will hold you accountable at each meeting (and sometimes in-between) but you’re left on your own with training.
  2. You don’t know what’s coming next so you might not appreciate the importance of what’s delivered each week. A good habit would be to work through whatever comes through and take what’s relevant to you.
    However one of the key messages I’ve picked up from Rich is the difference between just in case training and just in time training. This is the difference between learning for the sake of learning and learning because it will impact on what you do immediately. I think it’s clear that “just in time” learning is the most efficient and effective and the other becomes intellectual entertainment.I go through spells of intense involvement with the materials and then don’t do anything for a couple of months. I suspect that other members have a similar problem because my affiliate statistics reveal that there are very few refunds under the guarantee but people don’t stay as members for the long term. I think that’s a mistake but I don’t pay for it because of my previous purchases with Strategic Profits.
  3. The monthly fee may be too low. I realise that’s a strange thing to say but people pay more attention to expensive advice than lower cost advice. Rich Schefren shares fantastic insight in these reports but, if people aren’t motivated to read them, they add no value.
  4. The Founders Club used to be even better. Going back a few years, Rich and Todd Brown developed a range of Internet marketing tactics videos that perfectly complimented the strategic coaching. This meant that you could get all your Internet marketing needs met by Strategic Profits and you didn’t need to venture into the shark infested waters.
    Sadly the company changed direction and the videos disappeared because of the problem of staying up-to-date.
  5. Some people want to be told what to do. Rich wants to help you to think more clearly about your business and what it needs to succeed. This won’t suit everybody because some people like their options to be narrowed down.

How To Join The Founders Club

You can gain access to the insight of Rich Schefren by joining for a month and trying the three special reports.

>>> Click over to the Founders Club (affiliate link)

At the time of writing, if you decide that it’s not for you, then you can claim a full refund.

How To Cancel Your Membership Of The Founders Club

I realise it seems strange to mention the cancellation process when I want you to join but I know that people are reluctant to start a program that they don’t know how to get out of.

They used to have a support website but it is currently being upgraded.

Emails should be sent to

The other contact details for the company are:

Strategic Profits
15 NE 4th Street
Delray Beach, FL 33444

Telephone: +1 954-429-3114

Fax: +1 561-279-7752

If you are an affiliate of mine and you are struggling to cancel, I offer my services to help.

I Am An Affiliate And Will Earn A Commission If You Buy

Throughout this website, I’ve tried to make it very clear that I am an affiliate.

If you click on my link and then join and keep paying, I will earn a commission.

This doesn’t affect how much you pay if you were to go direct. I see the commission as the equivalent of the margin retailers make on selling their products.

Some people may see my recommendation as biased because I profit.

That’s true of anyone who does any selling and is common amongst those who make recommendations and referrals. Often the financial incentive isn’t made as explicit as I make it but I believe that it’s best practice to make you aware of what is happening.

It’s in my interest to gain your trust because I usually want you to buy more than one training product.

This may not be for you long term but I know that you will get great value from the three reports you gain access to when you join – Your Business Blueprint, The Hidden Obstacles To Your Success and Beyond Traffic. These are easily worth the first month’s membership fee.

>>> Click over to the Founders Club (affiliate link)


  1. I am trying to enquire about founders club. I’ve clicked on your link and the offer is no longer valid. I went to the strategic profits website and no direct link or mention of founders club. I know little about the internet but it seems ironic that someone who knows so much about the internet has a website that I can’t find a product. Is the company still trading

    1. Sorry about this. I’m not sure what’s going on.
      I’ve also been to the Strategic Profits website and the only product listed at the moment is the Business Growth System.

      The Founders Club was seen as an extension to BGS, to help provide tactical information along with updates on Rich Schefren’s thinking about what is needed to be successful.

      However it has been rejigged several times and it might be that you have tried in the interlude when things are changing. On the affiliate website, it is still listed as an option on the first page although the link has been removed. I’m hoping it means that it will be back soon.

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