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I will explain why I believe that Digital Marketer Lab from Ryan Deiss is the best training program for any Internet entrepreneur who wants to know what is really working online.

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Who Is Ryan Deiss?

Ryan Deiss is the entrepreneur behind Digital Marketer Lab and over the last five years or so, he has become very well known in the “make more money online” niche of business training.

Rapid developments and technological developments make online marketing an obvious area where business owners need ongoing training. Unfortunately people have taken advantage of the fact that the Internet is a trendy area that attracts vulnerable newcomers with more money than common sense.

I ignore much of the hype that hits my email inbox and stick with the few people I have learnt to trust over the years and Ryan is one of those people.

What makes him different from the majority of other people offering training and advice is that he operates in many online markets outside of the “make more money on the Internet” niche. He’s selling real products to the general public.

Very generously, he loves to share the best ideas he finds with his clients.

Who Is Digital Marketer Lab For?

This training is for business owners who are serious about getting more leads, customers and sales from the Internet.

Most businesses have a website and many businesses use social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Digital Marketer Lab isn’t suitable for the vast majority. They won’t have the deep and devoted interest in making more effective use of digital technologies and therefore they won’t get value from the cutting edge training.

It’s for the entrepreneurs and businesses who want to be innovating in their own markets and at the leading edge.

Not the “bleeding edge” of taking unnecessary risks trying unproven ideas that waste time and money. Ryan and his people do that for you, filtering out things that don’t work.

It’s for entrepreneurs who will get excited about improving the opt-in conversion on a landing page from 25% to 30% by changing one thing and then boosting it to 33% by changing something else.

It is not for people who want to get rich quick on the Internet.

What I Like About Digital Marketer Lab

  1. It’s based on the results of what works in many different market niches online  based on Ryan spending his own money.This increases the chance of ideas working in your market.
  2. It is continually updated. Internet training gets out of date but you might not know it unless you’re tapped into the latest news.
  3. The focus is very much on taking action to get better results. As well as training, you’re given practical information to make it happen like standard operating procedures and contacts.
  4. You don’t have to wait for access. You get immediate access to everything. There’s none of the “you want to learn about video sales letters… well that’s month 4”.
    Here’s what you get (Novemeber 4th, 2013)
    – Set up your ecommerce store in a weekend
    – Launch your kindle e-book in 14 days
    – Email whitelisting (to improve deliverability and engagement)
    – Facebook custom audiences
    – Video sales letter formula – this is one of my favourite short causes from Ryan Deiss
    – Extend your Facebook reach
    – Capture their interest (about landing pages)
    – Email mind reading
    – Lead magnet
    – Manage your email reputation
    – Know your market
    – Secrets of killer email copy
    – 5 step sales funnel
    – Facebook opt-ins
    – Old school PR
    – Blog for authority
    – Monetizing mobile
    – They pin, you win – using Pinterest
    – Partner with Google – using Youtube videos for SEO purposes
    – Double your list
    – The follow-upmachine
    – Winning the visual revolution (about newsfeed optimisation)
    – Targeted traffic – about CPV
  5. Once a week get your questions answered calls. Each week you get the chance to ask Jody Underhill about the things that are holding you up or causing you difficulty.
  6. You can see how other members review the module courses. I’d hope that this feedback will encourage members to complete the module and, if ratings are too low, for the course to be improved and brought up to the standard expected.
  7. You can try it risk free for 30 days. If you don’t like what you see, there is a guarantee that lets you claim your money back.

What I Don’t Like About Digital Marketer Lab

Sadly no training is perfect for everyone and it wouldn’t be much of a review if I didn’t point out areas where it might note be suitable for you.

  1. Ryan presents it as suitable for business owners who get 30% or more of their business online. In my opinion. that’s too low. This is specialised training for people with big opportunities online. If your 30% is in six figures and you believe there’s plenty of opportunity to increase it, then Ryan is right.
  2. You might not take action. Like any training, you will only get value if you’re dedicated enough to watch the videos and read the reports, think about how you can apply the ideas in your business and then do it.
  3. The sales letter video promoting membership is long. You need commitment to see it through to the end or confidence to sign-up before the end.
  4. You can get overwhelmed. When you log in, you are taken to a screen that shows a lot of different courses. Some won’t be relevant but you’ve got to make your own mind up where to start.
  5. Some presentations are videos, some are in writing, some are both. It feels a bit strange and you never quite know what to expect before you’ve take a look. I prefer the flexibility to choosing the learning method that suits me best.
  6. The feel of Digital Marketer has changed since it started. I was one of the first to see inside Digital Marketer Lab when it first opened and it has changed a lot since then. I suspect that it will continue to evolve. In one way that’s good because Ryan Deiss and his people are trying to make it even better but change doesn’t suit everybody.

My Overall Impression Of Digital Marketer Lab

I like Ryan and his short, focused courses, partly because I hate time consuming fluff that I see in too many Internet training courses. It’s as if people feel they need to sell (and buy) training by some measure of volume.

20 hours is better than 10. 400 pages is better than 250.

I don’t agree.

You need enough to feel confident and ready to start but every bit more makes it less likely that you’re going to implement. I’ve had courses where my interest in a subject has been consumed totally by excessively padded content.

Some people will get everything they need in a month or two. Others will involve themselves in the weekly Q&A calls and get great value from having an Internet marketing expert help them with their own business.

How To Join Digital Marketer Lab

Click over to…

>>> Digital Marketer Lab – affiliate link

and sign up.

You’ll see that you have the choice of signing up for a month at a time or for twelve months. There is a deep discount on signing up for a year and it’s the best option if you’re serious.

As Ryan says, improving your online business is a process and you need time to make it happen.

How To Cancel

This is an ongoing commitment and I know that people are wary if they don’t know how to stop if the training isn’t for them.

To Cancel the Subscription, please call the company at 512.600.4363 or e-mail us at

Ryan’s support website is

I Am An Affiliate

I haven’t hidden the fact that I am an affiliate for Ryan Deiss and Digital Marketer. If you click through and then buy, I will